Here is the latest edition to our portfolio: A Live-Streaming Web Cam at The Dania Beach Bar & Grill.

If you are interested in increasing your reach via social media and gaining major exposure for your business, feel free to contact us to discuss an installation. Social media sharing skyrockets when live content is […]

Creating Outlines for Fonts in Adobe Illustrator

When sending Adobe Illustrator files to press, or to another designer / developer, missing fonts can waste time and be frustrating. Transforming fonts into vector shapes will eliminate this annoying issue. On Windows, [shift]-[ctrl]-“o” – shift , control key, and the letter “o”, will convert any fonts in your document to vector shapes or “outlines”. […]

The New Hog Pit NYC Web Site

Totally updated, the new site at went live yesterday. Complete with a content management system for the client, an e-commerce shopping cart and store, auto-posts to Facebook and more, the site is very robust and ready for social media channels! Building web sites for restaurants can be fast and fun if you know what […]