The New Hog Pit NYC Web Site

Totally updated, the new site at went live yesterday. Complete with a content management system for the client, an e-commerce shopping cart and store, auto-posts to Facebook and more, the site is very robust and ready for social media channels! Building web sites for restaurants can be fast and fun if you know what you need. This site utilizes disqus for it’s comment system, has a very usable RSS feed, dynamic content updating, not to mention, awesome photos of food and interior shots by our friend Doug Schneider!

The owner of the Hog Pit NYC is a blogger and now he’s got his own blog at – keeping content fresh – PLUS, the posts automatically are posted directly to his facebook account – meaning that traffic is flowing!

Check out the site at

I am happy to announce the construction of a new 24-hour deal site:

The site features a new, dynamically loading daily deal every 24 hours, automatically updating product purchase buttons and also integrates The Disqus comment system.

It is a fully functional online store.

Facebook Annnounces Larger Photo Sizes

Facebook has increased the size of photos they will accept for uploads to 720 pixels wide, up from a previous maximum of 604 pixels.

Old photo size (left) compared to the new size. (actual photos are larger; this shows scale only.)

This change will take effect over the next several days.